Matthew Wesley


Matthew Wesley is a Principal in the Lovins Group. He works closely with families to help them flourish for generations. Matt believes that growth occurs as people shape their attention in ways that foster better outcomes. This new awareness opens new possibilities. As new possibilities of an emerging future arise, individuals and families are empowered to shift their culture to support the intentional development of human capacities and potentials. Skilled facilitation coupled with wisdom born from having worked with many families over many years helps support and accelerate this process.

Matt’s work is founded on applied theory and innovative approaches all designed to help family leaders affect cultural change. He focuses on artfully breaking through the assumptions that bind individual and group effectiveness. His work with clients seeks to uncover the key inflection points likely to help families evaluate, make decisions, and collaborate in productive ways. From there, he collaborates with clients to design approaches that generate shifts in family dynamics, decision-making, and learning. His goal is to leave families with the capacities needed to address not only the problems of today but the challenges of tomorrow. With a career starting in ministry, then law, and finally family consulting, Matt helps families with the complex issues of generational transition, family culture, and ongoing governance.

Matt has an international reputation as a consultant and thought leader; is a sought-after keynote speaker at major conferences; and facilitates workshops with groups of families, family leaders, and their advisors. Matt holds a JD from Stanford University and M.Div. from Fuller Theological Seminary. He lives near Seattle with his wife, Marcia. They have two grown children and three grandchildren. Matt is an avid reader and hiker. His other interests include poetry, film, cooking, and art.